The Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA) is the process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. If you are interested in joining the Catholic Church, completing the sacraments, or just interested in learning more about the Catholic faith please contact either Fr. Walter or Chris Slovak.

Fr. Walter Dhanwar



Chris Slovak


Ethics & Integrity in Ministry (EIM)

...promotes the protection of minors, elderly adults and adults with disabilities as well as ethical behavior in all ministry.


 Laura J Bettge


For registering new accounts and accessing online training for those with existing accounts, please click here.  

Click here for the EIM Policy Link 

Adult Faith Formation 

Adult Faith Formation allows us to continue our life long journey to “Increase our faith” — Luke 17:5. 

Symbolon: Living the Faith explores how Jesus gave us the Sacraments,  the Mass,  and the rich treasures of Church teaching to enliven our faith and bring vibrancy to our Catholic lives.

Join us to watch the series and discover how to practically live your faith.

Time:  6:30 PM

Place:  St. Martin's CCE Center

Dates:  March  25th - May 27th

Contact:  Laura Bettge (254) 717-4778



Couples planning marriage must contact the parish office at least six months prior to desired date.  

Please call 254-822-1145


Please call the rectory 254-822-1145 to set up an appointment.


Ministry to the Sick and Homebound  

If you know of any sick or home-bound parishioners who would like to receive Holy Communion or in the hospital and would like to receive the anointing of the sick, please call the rectory at 254-822-1145

This link explains the Traveling Vocation Crucifix program that has started in the parish.  This is a parish wide effort which requires the support of the church community as a whole to be a successful champion for the increase in vocations not just in our own community but the entire church. 

The CCE program has started the Traveling Chalice to reinforce the efforts of the Traveling Crucifix.  The chalice travels to a different classroom each week. 


Report abuse of a minor, elderly adult, or an adult with a disability to local law enforcement or to the Texas Abuse Hotline at or (800) 252-5400 and to the diocese or (512) 949-2447.



Bishop Joe S. Vásquez and the Diocese of Austin are committed to providing compassionate care to persons who have experienced abuse, particularly if committed by clergy or a church representative. If you or someone you know have experienced such abuse, contact the diocesan Coordinator of Victim Assistance and Pastoral Support at (512) 949-2400.



Report unethical behavior by a person serving in ministry to the diocese at (512) 949-2447.