Robert Straten

Bernice Perry

Sandy Daniel

Amy Podsednik
Anton Polansky

Pastoral Council

David Kaluza

Cindy Knox

Doris Hodde

Melissa Vrba

Andrew Rieger

Steve Daniel

Picnic Committee:

Chairman:  Beverly Polansky

Lyn Middleton

Cindy Knox,

Andrew Rieger,

Doris Hodde

 Mary Beth Dulock

Rachel Pokluda

 Cathy Groppe

Kathy McAdams

Amy Podsednik

 Mary Lucien

Melissa Vrba

Kayla Sinkule

Debbie Schiemenz

David Marek

Sandy Marek

Liturgical Council

      Beverly Polansky        Laura J Bettge Albina Anthony

      Kayla Sinkule               Bernice Perry     Edith Brem

St. Elizabeth Altar Society 

Comprised of members from our parish who keep the sanctuary looking beautiful and provide what may be needed for the sanctuary.  The St. Elizabeth Altar Society meets at 6:30 p.m. the second Monday of the month August through May in the CCE Center.  Anyone can become a member by paying $5.00 per year.  To join or pay your yearly dues contact Amy Podsednik @ 254-822-1679

St. Elizabeth Altar Society  

President: Beverly Polansky

Vice President: Melissa Vrba

Treasurer: Amy Podsednik

Secretary: Debbie Schiemenz

Sacristans:     Albina Anthony

  Edith Brem

Clerical Endowment Fund:  Albina Anthony


Tours Hall Board

Cathy Groppe - President 

Ricky Powell - Hall Manager 

Kathy Powell  - Hall Rentals  


Chuck Hutyra

Janice Otto

Linda Lednicky

St. Martin's Cemetery Association

President - Lyn Middleton


Vice President - Brian Uptmor


Secretary- Charles Hutyra


Treasurer- Kelly Kolar



Saturday: Donna Beckham

Sunday: Bernice Perry 

Cantor - Scott Kapczynski

Members:  Doris Hessel Dorothy Straten

Erma Roessler Ariel Burmeister

Alex Burmeister Joyce Marek

If you wish to join the choir, please contact Bernice Perry at 254-709-2116 

Senior's Group

The Senior's Group is comprised of members 50 years or older. They meet the second Thursday every month at 10:00 a.m. in the CCE Center for prayer and fellowship. The meeting concludes with a meal.   Anyone 50 years of age and older, parishioner or non-parishioner are welcomed to join. For more information contact Albina Anthony at 254-424-3629.

KJT #60

President Matt Filer

Secretary/Treasurer Stanley Vrba

Sales Representative Herbert Brem


KJZT #45

          President     Janice Otto

          Vice Pres.   Linda Straten

          Treasurer     Dorothy Straten

          Secretary     Joan Davila

Catholic Life Insurance Branch 4

President   Bo Jones


Vice President   David Kucera


Vice President Heath Zucha


District V Director Ronnie Kadlacek

Secretary/Treasurer 254-366-1811

Sales Representatives Lyn Middleton


John (Scooter) Zucha


Suzanne Jares


Maintenance Committee

Anton Polansky

Robert Straten

Kevin Groppe

David Kaluza